About the website

Those who visit Rome can be divided into two categories. The first come for the symbolic three days, in order to “check off” the old center of the Western civilization on their list and exhausted by the intense sightseeing, relieved, leave as quickly as possible. The second, are those who mentally never leave the city. They come often and when departing long for the day when they will be able to come back. Rome, like no other city needs time and rewards those who are willing to devote it, although one can fall in love with it after a stay of only a few short days. Goethe once wrote that “who has seen Italy, and especially Rome can never again be unhappy deep inside.” It can only be added that, he will also never fear the passing of time, the evanescence of human life, as well as death. And it is not about monuments, sarcophaguses, mausoleums, or catacombs, nor is it about faith, since that can be both found and lost in Rome, but about the atmosphere of eternal departure and saying farewell to all that has meant something to man – to pride, fame, beauty, social status, and love. Rome teaches humility and self-distance in every alley, but also lets one find a sort of timelessness between reality and fiction. Here, one can never know what it the truth and what is merely a confabulation, what should still be believed and what should definitely be doubted. In time all seems possible, because all of it happened in this city hundreds or even thousands of times.

What is presented here, is merely the first „chapter” of my story about the Eternal City. Subsequent texts and new pieces of the Roman puzzle will appear systematically every month. I hope, that this mosaic of various epochs, styles, themes, and figures will not only allow the visitor to get to know the old and contemporary city, but also will shed some light on its mysteries, but only to a limited degree, since the charm of Rome is something, that cannot be captured, thoroughly described, or shown.

The title which I have chosen – “Roma non per tutti”, is an announcement of a long and exhausting journey, destined for the patient, curious and…brave, but a journey which rewards the persistent. Rome is a miracle, in which everyone can take part, while I am simply presenting my own version of awe over its uniqueness.

The photographs that appear on the website, apart from a few exceptions (taken mainly from Wikipedia), are my own property and were taken by me. They include pictures of better and worse quality, depicting buildings easily recognized as well as those which remain virtually unknown. They too will be systematically supplemented and exchanged. In the future it will also be possible to download them.

My name is Barbara Kokoska, and I am a Doctor of Art History.


This website could not have been created without the professional support of two great women – Ola Górska and Magda Lekston, who have for years, accompanied me in my Roman pilgrimages, without the painstaking preparatory work of Indi Turlej and Piotr Leśny, the invention of the graphic designer Łukasz Herod, as well as the proficiency of the translator Szczepan Witaszek, and finally without the hard work and dedication of the EasySolution website design company. I would like to express my thanks to all of them. I would also like to thank my husband, who has patiently supported me in my Roman “fascination” and has always exhibited understanding to the fact that the only trip worth taking – is simply to Rome.